The World According to Us

October 25, 2023

An impressive title for another impressive anthology put together by Tasmania’s northwest FAW group, and in which I again have several poems included.

Once again the volume has been compiled by Allan Jamieson, and kudos to him for doing a terrific job, as it truly is a fine looking book with a wealth of varied writing from Tasmania’s Fellowship of Australian Writers from across the state. We certainly do have some talented storytellers and poets living on this island.

A quick Google of the title suggests the book is widely available online for around $20 – and will almost certainly be available in a good independent bookshop within Tasmania.

My contributions that are scattered throughout the book are poetic in form, and political in content. It’s a format that seems to be how I best process – in writing – the world according to me. And goodness knows, it’s a world that’s in a fine old mess in too many places. Thankfully and mercifully, not yet in Tasmania. At least not for most, but none of us are likely to escape unscathed from the turmoil.

In the meantime seek out a copy of this anthology, and lose yourself in the stories, poems and anecdotes that it contains.