Anne was born in England, and moved to Australia in 1977, settling first in Perth, Western Australia before moving to Tasmania with her partner in 1988. While she has always been an inveterate letter writer, she only got serious about writing professionally in 1994, after the sale of the florist business she and her partner owned. Some early success in writing competitions encouraged her to keep going, but apart from two or three short fiction pieces the yellow brick road to publishing success has largely followed the non-fiction path.

For a number of years Anne juggled writing commitments with a part-time job in a school library, and running a commercial flower growing business with her partner. During this time her work appeared in a number of newspapers and magazines both in Australia and overseas. These include: The West Australian, The Weekend Australian, Famous Reporter, Island, Tasmanian Boating and Fishing, Australian Fishing World, The New Writer, Hospital&Aged Care, and Facility Management. More recently Anne wrote features for the bi-annual Tasmania+, a publication currently in recess.

Anne co-edited: An Inspired Pursuit: 40 years of writing by women in northern Tasmania (Karuda Press) 2002, and has several essays included in An Inspired Pursuit: Volume 2, (Tatlers) 2012. Her work is also included in Breaking the boundaries: Australian activists tell their stories (Wakefield Press) 2016, and The Fabric of Launceston (Launceston Historical Society) 2016.

Anne currently works as a freelance journalist, and is a regular contributor of science-based, animal-related articles for specialist monthly magazine The Veterinarian. She is a contributor to the online publication about all things Tasmanian,  Tasmanian Times

Challenged several years ago to try her hand at writing poetry, Anne now has a growing portfolio of poems  – some of which have even been published. She still writes letters.


"In an attempt to write a satisfactory testimonial I have been trying and trying to come up with an adequate word to describe Anne. Just one, I tried lots; creative, intelligent (those two don’t always go together), fun, eloquent and obliging. Anne is all of these but the one word that I keep coming back to is professional.
Anne started writing for me in the first edition of Tasmania plus while I was editor. Anne was great at pitching a story idea and her writing style is easy to read. Keep writing Anne. "
- Steven French -
- Editor at Tasmania+ -


"Anne joined me in writing for The Veterinarian magazine, and has continued to contribute wide ranging and informative articles on issues of animal health and welfare. I would happily recommend Anne to any editor looking for a topnotch freelance contributor for their publication."
- Sue Cartledge -
- Editor at Tasmania+ -


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