March 1, 2017

From the outset I was determined not to put pressure on myself in respect of deadlines. This was one writing project where I wasn’t obliged to write to a set deadline, so while I certainly set some goals, I wasn’t going to beat myself over the head if some flexibility was necessary about meeting them. Life after all does have a habit of getting in the way, and it certainly did towards the end of 2015 as preparation for the second Tamar Valley Writers Festival accelerated before this biennial event took place in March 2016. As one of those on the organising committee there was a definite need to juggle priorities.

And all that hard work was worth it, since the Festival provided an unexpected, and unlooked for opportunity to discuss my book project with someone in the publishing industry. As a result of piquing her interest, (which I believe was more than just being polite) there was a genuine offer to contact her with the detailed proposal and synopsis – when I’ve reached that point.

Well, OK, so I haven’t yet arrived at that point, but I’m certainly a lot closer to it than I was, with just two more interviews to go before the hard graft really starts in earnest.

Then it will be a question of finding out if my vision for the book I can see so clearly in my head, will translate into real and readable words, on real and printed pages.