Tasmania 50+

- Published January 1, 2015

“Tasmania’s newest and most exciting magazine, Tasmania 50+ has a loose focus on those of us who have reached a half century or more.” . . . “This is not a magazine for old fuddy-duddies. It is for those who enjoy life and want to get on with it.” (Steven French, editor)

The first issue of this biannual magazine first appeared in 2015. Due to its popularity it has subsequently been rebranded as Tasmania+. The focus of Beating the heat is the steady influx of ‘climate refugees’ who are choosing to move to Tasmania.

“When the subject of Tasmania’s population comes up for discussion, the focus is generally on the exodus of those leaving the state. Less remarked upon is a growing group of people who are moving to Tasmania. Dubbed ‘climate refugees’ they come in search of a cooler climate and respite from the heat, and contrary to popular perception, they are not all retirees.”