Smoke Signals

- Published July 26, 2020

Smoke Signals  is the community newsletter for my Tasmanian neighbourhood that was established in 1990 by a then resident, who wanted to contribute towards his semi-rural community but was unable to join the local fire brigade due to physical disabilities. Over time it has evolved from a stapled eight or ten-page A5 stapled monthly newsletter, hand delivered by volunteers throughout the area, to an eight or 10-page A4 stapled bi-monthly newsletter. Although print copies are still delivered by volunteers, for the last two years it has also been available online, and earlier copies have been archived online as well.

When I first moved to the area I contributed several articles for the newsletter, including profiles of some skilled and talented residents. For the 200th issue in December 2015 I was invited to contribute a potted history of the newsletter. Here it is:


Smoke Signals – celebrating the 200th issue