Fabric of Launceston

- Published July 1, 2016

The community campaign to stop the Tamar Valley pulp mill campaign is the focus of The Pulp Mill which I was approached to write following a conversation between one of the book’s editors, and a pulp mill opponent. At the book’s launch in September 2016 the editors were all ‘mortified’ to learn their careful proof-reading had failed to pick up the following error. I now have an unexpected alias: Anne Layton-Green!

“This book builds on John Reynolds’ single authored Launceston: History of an Australian city. (Tom Dunning, editor)”. “The reach of the book is impressive, the topics covered truly remarkable. This is due to the number and range of the collaborators – well over fifty of them, all with expertise in their chosen subject. What a tribute it represents to the local historical community!” (Henry Reynolds, Foreword)