An Inspired Pursuit: forty years of writing by women of northern Tasmania

- Published January 1, 2002

I was a member of the Tatlers women writers group for about 10 years, and co-edited the first volume of selected papers that was published by Karuda Press in 2002. It is volume 8 in the series: Historical Survey of Northern Tasmania. To fill an hour that is happiness; Freefall; The document; Just one of those days; and Portrait of a Tatler were all papers written to a theme or topic and presented at a Tatlers’ monthly meeting.

To fill an hour that is happiness was first published in UK magazine QWF (Quality Women’s Fiction) in 1998. Freefall appeared in the inaugural issue of Pendulum Literary Magazine in 1997, and an edited version of Just one of those days was published in The Weekend Australian in June 1998.

An Inspired Pursuit is available to order here