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Tasmanian Poetry Festival’s Poetry Cup – Yes or No

The following wasn’t the winner of the 39th Poetry Festival’s iconic Poetry Cup event, but it came pretty close. Or so I understand. The winner is judged by audience response so the more claps, foot stomps, cheers and sundry expressions of approval, the better.

Poems have to be read in one minute or less too – and that can automatically disqualify a few unless they stop on the hooter. That doesn’t always work though as the punch line might be missed. So there are a few variables and there are no guarantees the recognised ‘good’ poets will be winners. It can be a rookie who walks away with the cup.

Mine wasn’t the only poem to have the Voice as its theme – poems are often political in some way, or satirical, and humour is always a safe bet for generating positive responses. It helps to be one of the final readers on the night too – but that’s a lottery of course with names plucked at random out of the box.
Anyway, what follows wasn’t the winner but given the issue, and the few remaining days that are left before (most of) it becomes as irrelevant as yesterday’s newspaper, here it is. And if it might encourage a few people who stumble across this post to vote Yes, it’s done its work.

Yes or No

write a cup poem she said, once again
there are plenty of issues –
for a start there’s Ukraine
or there’s Rockliff’s state government
God knows that’s a mess
or the stadium controversy –
that came close, I confess –
but as you can see from what I am wearing
it’s the Voice that won out
in this poem I’m sharing

because how do we start to unite a nation
that’s now doused with deceit,
and such misinformation
the seeds of toxicity deliberately sown
have sprouted and flourished
how they’ve spread and have grown,
with words that are twisted that were initially clear
have spread division and hatred in addition to fear,

voting Yes on the 14th would see us united
we could make plans for a future where all are invited
but if that’s to happen there’s work to be done
it’s not over yet, the campaign’s to be won
we have one week to go
to persuade those who say No
with our posters, our leaflets, and letters and doorknocks
stay positive always and ignore all those roadblocks
so we can claim the moment, be assured of success
and a moment to celebrate
because the country said Yes